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In 2012, on July 1st to be exact, Overland Hardware celebrated its 57th anniversary.  Back in 1955, four Wesche brothers, Arnold, Horace, Howard and Oreon bought the small existing Overland Hardware, then located at 9325 Midland.  Needing to expand after 5 years, we moved to our present location at 2520 Woodson Road.  Throughout the years, we have focused on having what the customer needs and helping them in knowing how to use it.  Arnold retired in 1984 and Horace followed in 1987.  Although Howard and Oreon retired from full time work, you can find both still working part time throughout the week.  In 1975, current owners Gregg Wesche, Oreon's son, and Don Burkhardt, Howard's son-in-law, began work and continue the tradition of excellent customer service.  We look forward to celebrating our 57th year in business with you in 2012.