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If there is one thing we have learned after 57 years of being in business is to take care of customers by trying to serve their needs better and faster than the competition at a fair price.  We offer a number of services that are not available at the "Big Boxes".  Among the services offered include:

1. CUT GLASS & ACRYLIC TO SIZE      We stock glass in single and double strength up to 48" by 60".  Acrylic is stocked in single, double and 1/4 inch thicknesses in sizes up to 48" by 96".  We normally will cut glass or acrylic while the customer waits.  We can also handle special orders for thicker glass needs like desk tops, etc., tempered glass and wire glass.

2. SASH AND SCREEN REPAIR       We repair most sash and screens in 24 hours.  We can repair or replace broken corners or frame members in many of the styles of aluminum framing.  We can clean out and putty in glass in your wooden or steel frames also.

3. SHARPEN CHAINSAW CHAINS    We can sharpen your chainsaw chains and get them back to you, usually in 24 hours.  Charges for sharpening chains off the saw are $6.00 up to a 16" chain and $7.50 for chains 18" to 24".  We will quote you a price on any bar size that is bigger.  We will also take chains off, sharpen and reinstall them on your saw for $11.00 and $12.50 respectively.

4. LOCK REKEYING AND MASTER KEYING     We can rekey your existing lock to a new key, rekey new locks to your key, key multiple locks to the same key and master key locks for apartment complexes or landlord/tenant situations. 

5. CHIP KEYS FOR CARS    We can now cut keys for a wide range of cars that have the computer chips in the head.  Prices range from $39.99 for on- board programmed keys to $79.99 for in-store programmed keys.  Most auto dealer prices range from $100 and up when adding the price of the key with the programming, plus the wait for the service department to get it done.  Give us a call and we can check if it is a make and model that we can cut and program for you.

6. SHARPEN LAWN MOWER BLADES   We sharpen and balance mower blades, both the regular and the mulching styles.  The best thing about our sharpening service is that we will usually sharpen your blade while you wait.  $5.00 gets it done unless you have a special blade or badly missharpened blade that will require extra time.  Then we'll talk.

7. CUTTING & THREADING IRON PIPE    We can cut and thread iron pipe from 1/8" up to 2".  We stock both black iron and galvanized pipe as well as a complete line of fittings.

8.  LAMP REPAIR   Bring in that lamp that no longer works or that flickers and drives you crazy.  We can replace sockets, rewire most lamps, replace a damaged plug or all of the above.  And usually get it back to you in a day or two.