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We feature monthly specials in the Localite Shopper, delivered to homeowners monthly in the Overland area.  Nine times a year, we publish an 8 page circular that features over 90 items at the Right Price.  Circulars run during the months of March, April, May, June, July, September, October, November and December.


HOT PROJECTS!  We carry VALSPAR Paint and all your project needs to FRESHEN things up a bit!

We are THE PLACE to buy birdseed.  We have four distinct blends/price points for your bird feeding needs.  You can also buy straight oil sunflower, safflower, striped sunflower, cracked corn, ear corn and more.  You can buy it in small bags or 35-50 lb bags, and remember , we'll carry it out to your car!  We also carry Dove food, Pigeon food and Rabbit Chow.  If you have special pet needs at the Right Price, let us know! 

NEW ITEMS!  Giani Granite Paint for your Countertop

Upgrade your old, outdated laminate countertop with the fresh NEW sleek look of granite at a fraction of the price!

Uncle Ethan's All Natural Fire Log                                                          For wood stoves, fireplaces and chimneys. Burns cleaner and produces less ash, smoke and creosote. Free firestarter included. No added chemicals. 100% recycled fiber.               

Marcy Crosby is one member of the Overland Hardware and Wesche families and has just released her second CD of Contemporary Christian music!  She's part of the group, Harbinger, based out of West St. Louis County.  Check out the music and the group's mission statement at www.harbingerministries.org.  CD's can be purchased at Overland Hardware and off of the link on Harbinger's web site.