On July 1, 1955 four Wesche brothers, Arnold, Horace, Howard and Oreon bought the small existing Overland Hardware Co. store, then located at 9325 Midland. 

Needing to expand after just 5 years, the business moved to our present location at 2520 Woodson Road. The second-generation owners, Gregg Wesche (Oreon’s son) and Don Burkhardt (Howard’s son-in-law) both started working at the store in 1975, gradually taking over the reins of ownership.  Countless sons, daughters, nieces, nephews and grandchildren have since worked at the store, learning the ins and outs of the hardware business along with the virtues of hard work, honesty and the cornerstone of any business: great customer service. Today the Overland Hardware crew continues to maintain that long-standing tradition of great value for your money and excellent customer service. We look forward to serving the Overland community and St. Louis County residents and businesses for many years to come.

original hardware store pic
Four Brothers pic