Featured Services

  • Cutting Glass and Acrylic to Size (usually while you wait)

  • Window Sash and Screen Repairs (usually within 24 hours)

  • Sharpen Chainsaw Chains

  • Key Cutting

  • Cutting and Threading Black and Galvanized Iron Pipe.

  • Sharpen Lawn Mower Blades

  • Lamp Repair

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Phone: 314-427-1404
2520 Woodson Road
Overland, MO 63114
Monday – Saturday: 8 am – 5 pm
Sunday: closed


Our store is located in the Heart of ‘Downtown Overland’, which is a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri (not to be confused with Overland Park which is on the other side of the state).

Front Entrance: Located just one block south of Midland on Woodson Road has on-street parking and is just 50 yards north of Overland’s municipal parking lot

Rear Entrance: Located 100 yards east of Woodson Road on Midland has easy-access parking lot right up to our back door